Monday, 22 April 2013

Gorjuss gluten free sponge cake for Comic Relief

I have finally got around to putting together the step by steps on how to make my Comic Relief cake featuring the girl from the brand Gorjuss! They are featured in full on the website...

The cake was completely edible (apart from the ribbon!), gluten free and won the Comic Relief Bake Off which was fantastic! It took about 9 hours to do from start to finish, but would probably be much quicker for someone following the step by steps. I did an hour or so here and there (between work, school runs and housework!), and it didn't seem that long - I was surprised when I added it all up! If you have any links to projects you have done using sugar paste, I would love you to paste them into a comment. I have completely got the cake making bug now - I  am dreaming up one for my hubby next month, that will be a challenge!

The finished cake


Thank you for looking!

Jill x

Saturday, 20 April 2013

A friend is someone who can touch your heart...

Finally I have managed to post! This week has been chaotic but along the way I have had time to reflect on how lucky I am to have such good's so lovely to know that you can pick the phone up and they are there for you (Mum, I'm also including you in this, you are amazing).

With this in mind, here's a card I made using docrafts Creativity Club downloads 'Spring Blossom' and 'Over the Hill' and the Xcut Bird Cage die - not sure why the birdcage features, I was just inspired by it!

Thank you for looking!
Jill x

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sugar paste bear TUTORIAL

My finished bear!
I was recently handed the challenge of making a 3D bear from sugar paste to go onto my Grandma's birthday cake - here’s how I did it (with help from a couple of enthusiastic
little girls of course!)...
My little helpers!
You will need;
Sugar paste & icing sugar (or cornflour)
Cream, dark brown and pink colouring
Mini rolling pin
Sugar paste round ended tool
Cocktail stick, spaghetti and paintbrush

How to;
My bear was about 8cm tall, however, the same technique could be used for any sized bear.
1. Roll a ball of cream sugar paste for the body. Stick a length of spaghetti into the middle – this will act as a support for the head.

2. Roll a ball for the head and slightly flatten to create an oval. Stick onto the spaghetti.

3. To make the ears, roll a small ball and flatten with your thumb, cut in half, stick to the side of the bear’s head using cool, boiled water.

4. Make another small ball for the nose section and flatten, stick to the front of the bear’s face. Add a small dark brown nose to the top half.

5. To make the arms, create two cylinders of paste and roll one end gently between your fingers to create a tapered end. Mold them to the side of the bear, using cool boiled water as adhesive. 
6. Repeat for the legs with slightly larger cylinders. Flatten the large ends to create feet.

7. Add small half circles of pale pink paste to the inside of each ear and flat circles of pale pink to the feet. Use the rounded end of a sugar paste tool to create the pad indents. Add two small brown eyes and paint on a mouth.

9.The ribbon (optional). Roll a thin length of dark pink sugar paste and wrap it around the bear’s neck.
Roll and cut out two short lengths of dark pink paste, cut the end of each so that it is on the diagonal and stick these onto the front of the bear to create the ribbon ends.

To create the ribbon loops, roll out and cut two rectangles from the same colour paste. Create the loops by joining the ends of each together leaving a gap between the two layers. Stick these onto the bear’s neck.
To finish, cut a short rectangle and wrap it around the ribbon joins to create the finished bow.

10. Add texture to your finished bear and ribbon using the end of a cocktail stick!
My girls loved doing this - here are their finished bears (with pink dresses of course!)
If you have made any 3D characters, flowers or whatever with sugar paste, leave me a comment and paste in a link -
I would love to see them!
Jill x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Over the Hill Bottle Gift Card

I have had this idea rattling around in my head for a while. Whenever I give anyone a bottle of wine, it always feels a little impersonal, so, how about creating a card which wraps around the bottle so it acts as both greeting and gift wrap?! Here is a version I have made using this week's Creativity Club 'Over the Hill' printables...

I created a sleeve from white card to fit around the bottle, then added the mini blue dotty paper leaving a white edge. The field paper was stuck on top centrally, cutting around the top cloud to add some shape to the top. I then stuck a selection of the birds, sentiments, trees and fences onto more white card, cut them out and attached them to the sleeve using 3D adhesive dots.
On the back, I added a decorative rectangle, covering the sleeve join,
as a place to write your message.

 I also created a little sleeve to fit onto the bottle neck using the same techniques.
I wrapped the paper ribbon around a pencil to achieve the curled effect.

I hope this has given you a little inspiration. I would love to see what you think so please post a comment if you have time!

Jill x

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Spring Blossom Birthday Card

Here's a layered card I designed for my lovely Grandma' s birthday using the docrafts Creativity Club 'Spring Blossom' printables. I stuck the decoupage flowers and vase onto some card, cut them out, then assembled them to create this card - it was really easy and fun to make!


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